The VECTOR Project is structured in 10 Work Packages:

WP1 CLICOST: Effects of climate variability on wind-wave dynamics

WP2 VULCOST: Vulnerability of estuaries/lagoons to climate changes

WP3 VARCOST: Impact of sea level changes on coastal areas

WP4 DIVCOST: Climate variability, Biodiversity and marine coastal ecosystems

WP5 CLIVEN: Sensitivity of the Venice Lagoon to climate change and variability: a case study

WP6 CARADRI: Role of the Northern Adriatic continental shelf on the Mediterranean carbon cycle

WP7 CARLIVE: Role of living resources of the Mediterranean continental shelf on the carbon cycle

WP8 CARPEL: Role of the pelagic regions of the Mediterranean Sea on the carbon cycle

WP9 CAROCE: Carbon cycle in the Southern Ocean test site

WP10 VECTORNET: Project Management